Our functional pots are inspired by Asian, African, English, European, and early American pottery. 
Our work is created with food and flowers in mind, and the durable stoneware clay we use ensures that our pots are sturdy enough for everyday enjoyment. We use a variety of hand-processed local materials, including wood ash from our fireplace, limestone, dolomite, sandstone, and and red clay from a local quarry to create surfaces that emerge from our wood firings with distinctive character and depth.

Our current glazes include:

Natural Ash: Vapors from the kiln and swirling wood ash create varied surfaces. Flashy warm oranges and coppers mix with ruddy grey-blue.

Ivey Black: Local red clay provides a burst of iron for this glaze, which goes from true black to reddish, with gold flecks where fly ash lands. 

Ivey Brown: We love this brown-green glaze for pouring over etched decorations. 

Sandstone Blue: Our take on a cobalt-free blue glaze. Pools to a deep summer-sky blue in bowls.

Celadon: Clear, grey-blue, or green, depending on where it is in the kiln. We often use over slip-decorated pots.